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Creating a People Positive Culture in The Beer Industry With Brewgooder's Alan Mahon

Most people would probably be quite happy if they could turn water into beer. But in the case of Brewgooder, they want to do the exact opposite. Or at least, they used to… On episode 15, we talk to Alan Mahon, Co-Founder of craft beer Brewgooder, a beer company founded on providing clean drinking water to developing companies through their beer sales. In the last year, Brewgooder have changed direction somewhat, pivoting to a people-focused company, rather than just aiming to provide clean water. They’ve also launched “Work In Progress” their programme to fight racial injustice, both within their organisation and within the beer industry. Holding themselves to account, they create a yearly report to look back on their progress and see where they could do better. We spoke to Alan about: What drove him to start a craft beer company How he plans to triple the company’s team size in the next year What being “actively anti-racist” means How having a real purpose helps Brewgooder attract top talent And much much more…

Why You Should Hire Like a BDR With Reachdesk's Laura Holcombe

Our latest guest on The Talent Intelligence podcast was the brilliant Laura Holcombe, Global Talent Acquisition Specialist at Reachdesk – a corporate gifting company taking customer and prospect engagement by storm. Working as an in-house recruiter, Laura knows all too well how tough recruitment is just now.

Lavender's Will Allred On Improving Candidate Outreach

Everyone talks about cold outreach in terms of sales. But you hardly hear anyone discussing how important it is for recruiters on the hunt for candidates. Unless you talk to Lavender's Will Allred. If you haven't heard of Lavender, it's a tool that helps improve your emails, encouraging the right people to engage with you, whether you're in sales, marketing, or you're a recruiter reaching out to top prospects. Working in all those spaces, we were delighted to have Lavender's Co-Founder, Will, on to discuss cold outreach, engaging candidates, and much more.

Gong's Wendy Harris: Why Hard Work Beats Talent

How many times have you heard people talking about their failure stories on LinkedIn? Or discussing how important hiring top talent is? Well, if you're Gong's Wendy Harris, perhaps too many times. Because for Wendy, she'd much rather hear about people who have succeeded than failed. And she'd prefer to hire someone with less talent and a greater work ethic, than the other way round. That's just one of the areas we covered when Wendy appeared on The Talent Intelligence podcast. As users (and superfans) of Gong, we were delighted when Wendy agreed to come on and talk to us about talent, her working life, future planning, and much more.

Creating a 3D Working Environment in Remote Times With Stratasys' Andreas Langfeld

Think of 3D printing companies and Stratasys are usually high up on your list. So when their EMEA President Andreas Langfeld said he'd come on The Talent Intelligence Podcast, we were fairly excited. After all, Stratasys are one of the founders of 3D printing, starting out in 1989 (!) and their product has been used to create designer couture that exhibited at The Met a car made with fully 3D-printed exterior panels. Listen as Andreas talks culture, connectivity and what to do when Obama predicts your industry is about to explode (in a good way...)

Interseller's Kristina Finseth on Infiltrating Recruitment With Sales Tactics

Usually on The Talent Intelligence Podcast, we keep it pretty loose, chatting about culture, attitude, methods, and how to hire. But when Kristina Finseth said she’d be a guest, we knew that wouldn’t work. Kristina’s an absolute fountain of knowledge on the subject of outreach in recruitment, and if we’d started chatting, we’d never have stopped. So in this episode, we got Kristina to talk through her top outreach tips. Listen as she discusses: 👀 infiltrating recruitment with sales tactics 🤝 how to engage candidates, 🌍 where to find them, 📹 and she dissects and rewrites a whole email.

Mindtickle's Anthony Parker: "If I'm the best at anything my abilities as a leader and a coach are flawed"

Should leaders be the best performers in their team? Not if you ask Anthony Parker, General Manager EMEA at Mindtickle. According to him, if he's better than his team, it diminishes his abilities as both a leader and a coach. In episode 9 of The Talent Intelligence Podcast, Anthony sits down with our Head of Sales Anthony Parker to discuss: Growing and scaling Assessing talent The difference between working at large orgs and start-ups Proving yourself in leadership And much more...

Ted Blosser, CEO of Workramp: How Workramp Created a Culture Where People "Skip to Work"

You know when you leave a meeting and your head's buzzing with ideas, your notebook full of notes to pass on to your team? That's what happened when we sat down with Ted Blosser, CEO of Workramp for episode 8 of The Talent Intelligence Podcast. In this episode we discuss: * Creating a "culture of coaching" * What you do with $17m in funding * Challenging an established industry * The 400 books Ted's read (this month)

Dissecting The Post-Covid Workplace with HR Expert, Brian Almas

The post-covid workplace with HR Professional Brian Almas On episode 7 of The Talent Intelligence Podcast, we sat down with HR and Talent veteran, Brian Almas, to discuss the changes happening as a result of Covid-19. Brian’s worked in the HR space for 20+ years heading up the Human Resources departments in companies like AOL, Flextronics, and now Rightway Healthcare. He’s seen plenty of fluctuations in the way we work in his career, but few as drastic as the ones we’re currently experiencing. In this episode we discuss: The introduction of vaccine passports for work How to get women back into the workplace Whether flexible working is here to stay The difficulty of job hunting during Covid

Outreach's Manny Medina on Imposter Syndrome, Winning The Talent War, And Running Outreach Like a Well-Drilled Soccer Team

In episode 6 of The Talent Intelligence podcast, Solutions Driven's Global Head of Business Growth Nicki Paterson sat down with Manny Medina, CEO of Outreach, soccer fanatic, and a man who feels his business in his bones.

Ida Matthiesen of HBK on The Importance of Open Communication in Building a Strong, Diverse Talent Network

In episode 5 of The Talent Intelligence Podcast, we sit down with Ida Matthieson, Talent Acquisition Lead at HBK. Ida has had an interesting first year in her HBK career, joining the business just as the pandemic hit and quickly moving up the ranks while never meeting most of her co-workers (sound familiar anyone?) While she’s been working on a holistic approach to HBK’s talent strategy, Ida has also brought her passion for DE&I to the fore, an interesting challenge in the male dominated industry they operate in. Ida has been an instrumental part of a team that has pushed for diversity not only internally but from the business’s suppliers and partners. In this episode we discuss the impact of the pandemic on remote teams, how a fast-moving market has made talent departments more agile, what the future of diversity looks like, and much more. And if that doesn’t peak your interest, tune in to hear about Ida’s mad dash from London to Denmark, leaving all of her belongings behind in the process - she’s not a fugitive, we swear.

Nicky O'Brien, McCurrach: Why Diversity Discussions are Vital, and What Can be Learned From Reverse Mentoring

In episode 4 of the Talent Intelligence podcast, we’re joined by Nicky O’Brien, FCIPD and HR Dirctor at McCurrach Ltd. Nicky has worked in the HR and Talent space for over 20 years, and has been a continual champion of diversity. While data on diversity is important to McCurrach and Nicky, they’re also focused on conversations around diversity, holding round tables, events, and mentoring programmes where participants are encouraged to be open and honest. They even have a “Diversity Taskforce” run by volunteer members of the team. Here’s a snapshot of what we spoke about: How the pandemic has affected diversity at McCurrach, bringing men into the diversity conversation, how a majority female board affects the company’s performance, and the one strange thing Nicky does when she enters a supermarket... Learn more about McCurrach here: https://www.mccurrach.co.uk/

Creating Greater Balance and Diversity in Manufacturing Through Inclusive Process Design

In Episode 3 of The Talent Intelligence Podcast we are joined by the amazing Shirley Harrison from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), based at The University of Sheffield. For over 30 years now Shirley has been working in the male dominated industry of manufacturing and mechanical engineering. And in recent months has been given the added responsibility of being appointed the Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion where she leads strategy development and implementation to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone can be themselves and differences are recognised and respected. Here's a quick glimpse at some of things we chatted about: - Why AMRC created this new Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion position AND why Shirley wanted to take up this challenge... - What story is the data and insights telling Shirley so far around the Gender Pay Gap... - How Shirley plans to change the current recruitment processes through "systematic process change" to help create a more diverse and inclusive workplace... We also chatted about how to write better job description ads to help attract more female candidates, her thoughts on a blind selection process and how to adapt interview panels...and much more. Learn more about AMRC here https://www.amrc.co.uk/

David Cancel, CEO & Co-Founder, Drift: How Drift Plan To Be The New Face of Corporate America

A quick glance at the Comparably Awards for 2020 tells its own story. Winner of ‘Best CEO’. Winner of ‘Best CEO for Women’. And winner of ‘Best CEO for Diversity’. And that’s just the awards David Cancel won personally. How about Drift also being the winners of ‘Best Company for Diversity’, ‘Best Company Culture’ and ‘Best Work/Life Balance’ and several more? It’s for these reasons I’m excited to share this episode with you. In Episode #2 of ‘The Talent Intelligence Podcast’, I sit down to learn more about David Cancel’s Latino upbringing, his challenges growing up as a kid in the Bronx not speaking any English, through to how he got started in tech and how this journey helped to shape what Drift looks like today growing to over 400 staff in only a few years. We also chatted about Diversity & Inclusion to discover how Drift are creating a truly inclusive culture and how they’re continually measuring that. We also chatted about how to create and maintain a high performing company culture when your staff are all remote, how to recruit remotely, how to attract and retain staff, and what’s going on with the lack of VC funding for minority races. And with Drift recently announcing they’ve become a ‘Digitally First’ company, we learn more about what that really means and why ‘Conversational Spaces’ are the future for Drift’s existing global offices. Learn more about Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform at www.drift.com Learn more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Drift https://www.drift.com/about/diversity-equity-inclusion/ Keep in touch with David Cancel and his ‘The One Thing’ newsletter at www.drift.com/dc

Janet Onyia, Project & Programme Manager, Accenture: Black, Female And On A Mission To Be An Advocate for Diversity in Tech

Janet Onyia is a true inspiration. Growing up as a young black female in an area of Newcastle where there weren’t any other black families, Janet has faced many challenges and struggles along the way to landing her dream job in tech. Imagine being told by your new colleague that you only landed your prestigious graduate placement job because you were a Black Female. Now working in tech as a Project & Programme Manager at Accenture in Scotland, she is still one of only 3 Black employees and the only Black Female, but she is on a mission to change that. With 50% of women working in tech leaving by the age of 35, there’s clearly a huge problem to be solved. And Janet wants to be the driving force behind this change for women in tech and Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. In Episode #1 of ‘The Talent Intelligence Podcast’, I sit down with Janet to hear first-hand how she is raising awareness of the struggles and challenges faced by not just black females in tech, but women in tech full stop. Inside this episode Janet spoke passionately about: • How she really felt when one of her colleagues told her she only landed a prestigious graduate placement job because she was Black and why she never wants her daughter to ever feel the same as she did… • Why there’s a huge disconnect between HR & female employees when it comes to the reasons why 50% of women are leaving the tech industry by the age of 35… • The impact of recruiting women in tech in this new world of remote recruitment… • Why employers need to be doing much more to attract a more diverse workforce, including a blind application recruitment process to remove unconscious bias… • How to ensure black females in tech with traditionally poorer internal networks are not overlooked for internal promotions… And so much more including Janet’s views on Kamala Harris being sworn in as the first woman, first Black person, and first person of South Asian descent to become the Vice President of the United States of America. We are also joined in this episode by Claire Murray, Solutions Driven’s Marketing Operations lead. You can connect with Janet Onyia on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jdonyia/ Learn more about Girls Who Code at https://girlswhocode.com/en-uk

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